When dealing with this type of crisis its important to remain flexible and fluid, according to OSHA most employees will experience low to medium risk at their job or place of employment!

Therefore if you have not already, the first step to getting back to work it’s developing your preparedness and response plans for your specific business in accordance with how you know you have to operate!

When you own a business you must realize that crisis can arise in many different forms

Some crisis are localized only affecting your business, other crisis affect industries

The current crisis that we face is global, affecting everyone everywhere diminishing abilities to effectively deliver goods and services in the way the business was intended to be set up.

In 2020 national economies have come to a screeching halt!

And every type of business was affected by small owner-operator restaurants to large corporate chain hotels.

In this type of environment, it can seem like you need to solve all your problems at once, and this is exactly how you end up getting nothing done!

The question is how do we get to the other side of this crisis, and how do we preserve are businesses and re-position to open again but in a new market, and in a new way!