My name is Alan B charity, and I’ve experienced firsthand this type of business crisis. Into thousand eight when the market crashed, I lost my installation company and I had two choices I can try to save something that was no longer able to operate in the same manner because of the new construct, or I could pivot and learn a new skill that would allow me to thrive in the new era.

The first step was excepting my new environment, the next step was acting on my new opportunities!

I still remember, the jobs depleting, and eventually coming to a screeching halt as I was still trying to feed my workers and technicians to keep them afloat while I was sinking myself!

At this point I had to make some critical decisions about what to let go, and went to embrace; and the answer was to let go of my normal routine, and embrace and adapt to the changes happening all around me!

Every business is about the people, this includes the ones that are employed by the business; and also the people that this business serves!

The solutions will be different for different industries, the way to each industry will come to a solution is by adhering to certain principles after first identifying the real problems!

One of those principles is to embrace being a humanitarian at this moment, and focusing on the needs of those that depend on you; this is what people will remember, and in the future, the stories of how you acted today are going to be very important!

In certain circumstances like these difficult choices will have to be made, and communication will be critical because other people will be wondering what’s happening & speculation without information most times breeds victimization and resentment!

Avoiding communication might feel safer in the beginning when the news that you have isn’t so great, but in the long term, you’ll be glad that you communicated all the details to all the people that could be affected by the decisions that have to be made by the company!

Along with your communication, you also need to include flexibility, in situations you need to become more fluid instead of rigid to adapt to changing environments!

Being a mixed martial artist myself, with six cage fights I can tell you that everybody has a plan until they get rocked by some unexpected head kick, yes that’s happened to me.

This pandemic is an unexpected kick to the head to most business owners; but remember you’re still in the fight, and if you want to stay in it, you mustn’t become too defensive, and instead keep moving forward; the first place your opponent looks to defeat you is in your mind!

When they’ve given you the best they’ve got and you seem unfazed and unwilling to quit; it diminishes their confidence, and empowers you’re will!

In this course, the agents of the restoration army are going to be offering some guidance in accordance with our experience in dealing with crises and pivot in your business to survive and troubled waters!

This ride may be turbulent, but if you deal with the situation accordingly you’ll come out on the other side better than you were; it’s all about the principles at this point.