Remember these employees may have a sick family member, or they just may need to take care of their children that are at home because school is out. As an employer, you must be ready to face situations and problems that you’ve never seen before, and this requires a new level of flexibility.

Another great idea is to give advances on future sick-leave, and also allowing employees to donate sick leave to each other!

Employers that don’t offer sick leave may want to draft up some non-punitive emergency sick-leave policies right away.

Employers should not require positive coronavirus test results or healthcare providers notes to qualify for sick leave, or to return to work!

With everything backed up, people won’t be able to provide these types of documents and proof in a timely manner so your flexibility as an employer will be required to smooth things out.

Review your human resources policies to make sure they’re consistent with current public health recommendations; and consistent with state and federal workplace laws!

Employee May need additional social and behavioral or other services to cope with sickness that may be happening to a family member or themselves.

Be prepared to change your business practices if necessary to adapt to the new environment.

Observe the critical operations of your business, and make decisions around keeping those engines running.

Prioritize your operations from the perspective of an architect looking down the road at the future of your business!

Remember that every decision that you make today is one that you have to live with tomorrow!

Remember to stay open-minded, don’t be opposed to suspending operations temporarily; don’t wait for your supply chains to give out on you, go look for new ones right now!

Make a list of new possibilities including new distributors of your supplies, contact them now; and begin negotiating in building a relationship!