Remember everything is changing, and some goods and services won’t be available, and some that are available that are in great demand will still be scarce!

If you’ve never considered contracting out work, now is a great time to be able to hire temporary inflexible workers through independent contracting call 1099.

If your type of industry facilitates this relationship, I highly recommend you start to look for some independent contractors to help bear the load of your business!

Talk to others in your business industry about their response plans to get ideas.

Share best practices with other businesses in your community as well!

The more information that’s put together from different parties in the same region, the better chance you’re going to have to keep your employees and your customers safe inside of your business!

Create a plan around how to monitor and respond to absences in the workplace!

If you receive a high number of absences in your workplace you need to have a plan to continue your essential business functions.

Be prepared to Monitor and respond to a high number of absences by creating flexible work and leave policies, also remember to cross-train your employees to perform the essential functions of your business, so that your business doesn’t shut down when key employees can’t come in!

Establish policies and practices for social distancing, each state has its policies and practices so create policies in accordance with your state and local health authority!

The interim information for social distancing recommends avoiding large gatherings, and maintaining a distance of 6 feet from others when it is possible!

Some suggestions are Creating more flexible work hours, staggered work shifts, creating more space between workers inside of the office as well!

Another idea is to implement flexible meeting and travel options, or recommendations.