At this time you want to consider how are you can digitize your business, whatever you do, it’s now on you to get creative to find out how you can do it digitally!

For instance, video conferencing, online ordering; are examples of digitizing your business.

Know if you have multiple business locations, you want to make sure that your managers are all communicating with each other to come up with Common ideas on the best practices that are working in each workplace so that your interim guidelines can continuously be updated as required

Maintaining a healthy work environment!

Number one considers improving the engineering controls in your ventilation system!

The coronavirus is airborne and can be transmitted or delivered via particles in the air simply coming from a sneeze or a cough.

One of the things it will be critical to do is increase the ventilation coming into the workplace; and you’ll also need to make sure that the air is being turned over.

Also, you want to increase the amount or percentage of outdoor air that’s circulating into the system, both of these will decrease the likelihood that coronavirus will stay in your environments.

Make sure you support respiratory etiquette as well as hand hygiene.

You want to make sure that your employees are doing everything that they need to do & in the right order.

Here’s an example if an employee washes their hands, & then he blows his nose; he should wash his hands again!

As an employer, you should make sure you’re supplying your workers with the necessary items to keep themselves safe and follow your procedures.

Examples are plenty of tissues; no touch trashcan or disposal basket; soap water, and hand sanitizer.

Place hand sanitizers in multiple areas throughout your workspace, this notion will encourage & remind your employees to clean their hands.

You also want to create awareness campaigns, and example is creating posters and putting them in the break rooms; this will cause your employees’ environment to continuously give subtle reminders to your employees to sanitize, and stay safe.

In the interim encourage the use of non-contact greetings, so avoid shaking hands if you can, and greet employees, and customers with a non-contact greeting.

Next, we will need to develop a plan for routine cleaning & disinfection inside of the workplace.

Everything frequently touched in the workplace needs to be on a scheduled routine cleaning list.

Door knobs, telephones, keyboards, elevator buttons, etc.

Also high traffic areas, hallways, break rooms, cafeteria, Corredor, etc.

If the surfaces are dirty they must be cleaned using the detergent or soap and water, then the surfaces after being allowed to dry can be properly disinfected with chemicals approved by the EPA.

Try to provide disposable wipes, to address commonly use services.

Keeping the disposable wipes handy will remind your workers to continuously disinfect their high touch items.

 Cleaning and disinfecting are critical, but another very important aspect of this process is monitoring.

Buildings that experience more traffic than others, will need to clean more frequently. 

The technology exists today to map outbuildings with WiFi signals and mobile connections.

These heat maps can be used as resources and indicators to understand when its time for high touch areas to be cleaned.

As technology continues to evolve in this era, stay open-minded to developers in programmers creating new solutions around COVID-19.