Governmental Entities and Businesses are Looking to Insurance Companies to Help Cover these Losses, Find out How it Works!

Insurance defense lawyer quotes COVID-19 response ‘could bankrupt the insurance industry!

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Recovery Plan

STEP 1 - Estimate Lossless

STEP 1 – Estimate Lossless

Covid-19 Recovery Plan:
STEP 1 – Estimate Lossless

Recovering from the pandemic looks different to every type of business. 


In order for us to forge a path forward, we must first find the way. In order for businesses to re-open and operate safely, some critical changes will have to be made in their standard operating procedures. 


Needless to say most small business owners won’t have the cash flow on hand to make these critical changes to their business. This is why securing some type of funding is going to be critical to the process. 


The process of estimating losses for a business, consist of understanding present as well as future lost revenue based on circumstances stemming from the pandemic. 


Ultimately the determination will be made by an insurance adjuster what the payout will be, but our initial approach is to give the business owner some understanding of where they are right now!

STEP 2 - Insurance Coverage Policy Review by a Licensed Adjuster.

STEP 2 – Insurance Coverage Policy Review by a Licensed Adjuster.

Literally 60 to 70% of businesses have a viable insurance claim for business interruption.


Because the losses extend over $240 billion most claims will be denied initially by the insurance companies.


In order to determine whether or not it is viable for your business, your policy must be reviewed for the words in regards to pandemic exclusions, and losses due to the act of a civil authority.


After the policy review a licensed insurance adjuster, or an attorney will give you guidance on how to move forward with the claim if applicable.

STEP 3 - Secure Proper Funding.

STEP 3 – Secure Proper Funding.

STEP 3 – Secure Proper Funding.

The SBA small business association has already run out of money to lend to small businesses.


The big banks have already given out all of the money that they feel comfortable with extending as well, and they are now tightening up their resources.


So restoration army has pool together sources of private money from hedge funds, overseas lenders, and local private resources!


Eligibility will be determined on a case-by-case basis based on the business as current situation, credit, finances, And or previous months revenue.


STEP 4 - Properly Disinfect your Business to Protect your Customers.

STEP 4 – Get your Business Properly Disinfected to Protect your Customers.

STEP 4 – Properly Disinfect your Business to Protect your Customers.

After funding is secured, a detailed plan to keep your business clean, and keep your workers safe will be assembled for your specific Business!


Restoration army will execute the protocol to bring the business into compliance to reopen, and stay open all while keeping their workers and customers safe.


Using our proprietary technology, Restoration army will install a high tech One of a kindmonitoring system to determine when it’s appropriate to deep clean and disinfect your business, making this a turn key and measurable solution!

STEP 5 - Get Proper Staff Training
STEP 6 - Digitize your Business
STEP 7 - Broadcast your Business is a Safe Zone

STEP 7 – Broadcast a message that you are compliant & your business is a safe zone to drive traffic back to your location.

STEP 7 – Broadcast your Business is a Safe Zone

Finally after all safety precautions and measures have been executed, it’s time to relaunch your business to your existing customer base, as well as everyone else in the surrounding area of your community; letting them know that your business has taken every precaution to keep them safe!

Showing that you’ve taken the steps to put your customers first, will reignite your business and cause you to stand out amongst your peers who have not yet taken these necessary steps!

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