"Restoration Army" ESS Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray System

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"Restoration Army" ESS Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray System

Shelly Ribeiro

PPE Procurement Specialist 

My Background
My background is in Real Estate, Finance and Comercial Loans. I focused a lot of my energy in humanitarian type work all over the world and I started connecting with suppliers who produced all kinds of textiles.
How I got into the Covid-19 Space
Last fall I was in a room with professors, and they brought me into a business meeting and they just kept going around in circles, and when they asked me what I thought, I shared with them my point of view and they agreed 100% with me. They were talking about the disease that was happening in China from the pork. They eat a lot of pork there, like we eat chicken here. It really started tugging on my that I needed to start doing something about this. I literally started texting people I knew in Canada, I connect people, and I just started to connect these different people. Before we know it, this evolved into the Covid-19 during the Chinese New Year. I was already ahead of it here because I was dealing with it over there in China.

I really love to help people. We do this thing once in a while called "Love your Neighbor day" where we get tractor trailers of food, and we will give them lunch, cloths, haircuts, shaving beards, and women getting makeovers, just love on them. Sometimes we will have tables of housewares, and everything is free. It is just something I like to do. I can show you pictures of people, transformations, where you can see it in their face after just having people care for them for.

We have a direct contact with the 3M manufacturing. Every Day and Every Hour the Live product changes price and quantity.

Prices change based on manufacturing materials and demand. 

We get an update throughout the day with different lots that become available. 

If you would like to get a production, this will give you the assurance that you will have product coming in weekly.

There are different prices if you are buying directly for a government agency or hospital. If you are not buying for either of these two then the price will be a bit higher. 

No Product made in the USA can Leave the States. We have manufacturers globally and can ship anywhere in the planet. 

Live Lots

Are you dealing with procurement for hospitals or government agencies?Can’t get masks, booties,  gowns, tempeture gun, ventilators? 

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"Restoration Army" ESS Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray System

3M 1860

"Restoration Army" ESS Electrostatic Disinfecting Spray System

3M N95