Hi my name is Alan B charity, you’re probably here because you’re feeling disoriented, it’s not your fault so don’t panic!

It may seem like you’re in your business was interrupted by a virus, or a global pandemic; but the reality is that your business has been interrupted because the government has shut you down!

I know this is a scary time in your life, and it seems like no one has answers, because this is the first time that this has ever occurred.

We have assembled a team of specialist to deal with the current climate we find ourselves in today!

We’re calling this think tank
“The War Room”!

Listen in on a phone call we had with Hector Ramos about the future of the hotel industry

Most of the clients that I’ve been consulting tell me the number one problem is they can’t sleep, because their mind won’t stop thinking about what their future holds!

It seems that business owners in the retail market, hotel owners and restaurants have been hit the hardest. If you own this type of business, the time to act as now!

The good news is there’s a way out, but only if you start to prepare today!

Owners who wait, will find themselves grabbing for missed opportunities, hoping to draw relief from empty and depleted accounts! Even though these resources are for everyone, with 90% of businesses out of commission there obviously won’t be enough for everyone!


Let us show you how to get started making the most critical decision in the history of your business!

Find out how to get your hotel business through this pandemic!

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